Who is angie harmon dating

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Who is angie harmon dating

The last four four years of their marriage were the most difficult, with Angie splitting her time between North Carolina (their home, where they raise their three daughters) and LA, where she films .Angie always maintained that she didn’t ever want to raise the kids in LA, because blah blah good Christian values blah blah.Because that’s just how we roll down here in the good, Christian South. And then that friend will go over to “comfort” Jason when his “jealous” wife yells at him.For what it’s worth, The National Enquirer says that the marriage failed because of all the reasons we’ve already discussed, that being on a hit show which films in LA for six months a year put a tremendous amount of stress on their marriage. But I’m still saying that both Angie and Jason were probably fooling around.And now this good, Christian, conservative couple has split, just like the heathen couples.

However, the rumors became stronger and stated that he was not able to cope with the fact that she has a more active career than him.

The rumors became strong as this was the same reason as to why Jason got separated from his former spouse.

According to one of the rumor, it was stated that Jason wanted to marry someone who did not have a great career and picked Angie.

Harmon, 42, who shuffles back and forth between filming Rizzoli & Isles in LA and raising her family in North Carolina, began to suspect that Jason, 43, was keeping female company while she was away.

“Jason started going out to bars with his unmarried friends,” explains the inside source.

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However, Jason proposed her in front of million viewers on a show.

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