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However, she also claimed that she saw Connor kissing Troye Sivan on the cheek.However, some fans took it a step further, and decided to barrage the girl with hate comments and threats. But I had just done [Jimmy] Fallon, I was on the cover of , and I had booked Ellen [Degeneres]. I see kids closing their eyes and singing the lyrics, and I see kids with huge smiles on their faces, or I see kids that are on a date. That’s the one thing – I should keep something to myself.” “It was important to me to pay tribute to that person and thank that person because I think they were super instrumental to the process of making the album. As far as defining that relationship and defining who that person is and everything…” “You care so much for that person and you become best friends, and then it seems so abrasive to me that people break up. People get hurt, and that’s something I’m learning.” “This is going to sound so gross and braggy. thank u so much, @rollingstoneaus Available in newsstands across Australia, and from the link in my bio internationally 💙 A photo posted by Troye Sivan (@troyesivan) on “I’ve been looking at people’s faces a lot more during a show, and it’s been getting me insane amounts of joy.My happy little pill Take me away Dry my eyes Bring colour to my skies My sweet little pill Take my hunger Light within Numb my skin Oh, glazed eyes, empty hearts Buying happy from shopping carts Nothing but time to kill Sipping life from bottles Tight skin, bodyguards Gucci down the boulevard Cocaine, dollar bills And... I see kids who are proud of themselves and proud of me, and it just really makes me happy.” Sivan appeared as a younger Hugh Jackman in films, opposite John Cleese.It seems very permanent.” Check out more shots from OUT magazine in the gallery above.

“This is not something that I’m ashamed of, and it’s not something that anyone should have to be ashamed of.” That night, #We Are Proud Of You Troye started trending worldwide.The You Tuber thanks everyone who made the album possible, including his friends and family.And at the end, he gives a special shoutout to "my beautiful boyfriend." SEE CONNOR FRANTA'S EMOTIONAL COMING OUT VIDEO While Sivan doesn't reference his boyfriend by name, many on Twitter assumed Troye Sivan had just confirmed he is dating Connor Franta.#Tonnor shippers legit could not handle it, and the rapper soon realized his mistake and deleted his tweet.Connor Franta and Troye Sivan love spending time together. Sivan confirmed he is dating someone when he thanked "my beautiful boyfriend" in the notes of his new album. Sivan used the phrase "my beautiful boyfriend" in the liner notes of his new album.

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Many fans believe Troye Sivan and Connor Franta are dating, despite a lack of more substantial evidence.

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