Sammi sweetheart and ronnie dating 2016

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Clearly, Ronnie knew that his photo would get a deluge of comments regarding Sammi and his past relationship with her.Ronnie’s request for people to stop asking him about Sammi didn’t prevent many people from leaving comments about Sammi however.He posted a photo of him and Malika kissing one another, at a high Los Angeles lookout point as the sun set, to his Instagram page.In his photo caption, Ronnie teased the second season of E!The two, who had quite the tumultuous relationship on the MTV reality series, officially called it quits back in 2014 -- but may have once again rekindled that flame.The duo looked pretty chummy at Sammi's 29th b-day bash, where they were seen taking a pic with fellow "Shore" alum Vinny Guadagnino ( "We're really good friends," he replied. She's someone that's a part of my life and always gonna be part of my life." According to Vinny, Ronnie told him he and Sammi were dating again last year -- something she later denied.During the after-show portion, a viewer asked whether Sammi still talks to Ronnie. On Andy’s talk show, Sammi and Clare served as the night’s bartenders while Siggy and Caroline occupied the main seats.

Giancola and Magro continued dating after they left the shore, but their relationship came to a screeching halt in January 2010 during the MTV reunion special.

“Everybody knows my relationship with Ron so we broke up, obviously in May, because things were not working out and I left.

And I will always love Ron and we always had like, he was somebody I was with my whole 20’s but it’s just better off that we’re not together cause it’s really up and down and it was a crazy ride always. I’m doing really well and dating, having a good time and I’ve been single since May so this is nothing new for me.” While Sammi didn’t specifically mention Ronnie’s new relationship with Malika, she did hint that she’s okay with it.

Many of the more than 2,300 comments expressed sadness that Ronnie and Sammi are truly no longer together.

Some people even told Ronnie that Sammi is better than Malika while others said that Sammi, being too good for Ronnie, is better off without Ronnie.

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Sammi said that she wishes nothing but the best for him and that she’s happy for him. interview where I was like, ‘Oh it’s disappointing that he was doing a show,’ and I just want to clarify that it was a little bit disappointing because I am so private so the fact that I thought he was doing a show to possibly air out our relationship was not cool.

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