Private chats wiht only girls

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Private chats wiht only girls

Lulu does not query male Facebook users for their consent in integrating their profiles in the app, and at the time of its release the product caused notable social "recoil" The company notes that its data collection policies are now in compliance with Facebook's Platform Policies.

Also, it points out how users who have unwittingly been incorporated into Lulu's databases may contact their support center for the removal of their personal data. Lulu was created by Alexandra Chong, a Chinese-Jamaican/Canadian from Ocho Rios and former Jamaican tennis Olympian who studied at Appalachian State University and received her LLB from the London School of Economics.

In February 2016, Badoo acquired Lulu and removed the app's ability to rate men.

used within the app in the form of hashtags to evaluate users' male acquaintances have been noted by The Independent to evoke "stupid cookie-cutter men who can't feel or think and can be summarised in a few sassy phrases of cute girl-talk", Critical reactions such as in Forbes note the a sexist double standard regarding the app: "If Lulu existed for men to rate women," columnist Kelly Clay notes, "it's likely that Apple would probably reject it from the app store." The public nature of the app's negative evaluations has also sparked concerns that the evaluations could potentially be libelous in nature.

Lulu (formerly Luluvise) is a defunct mobile app formerly available for i OS and Android that allowed female users to make positive and negative evaluations of male users on the basis of their romantic, personal, and sexual appeal.

The app allowed only female users to access the evaluation system, and evaluations made through the app are attached publicly and anonymously.

The company's expansion of its user base focuses heavily on recruiting undergraduate Although female users cannot write their own comments to avoid bullying, the company's harshest critics hold that the pre-selected terms used within the app for evaluations in the form of hashtags are instrumental in "reinforcing completely horrible stereotypes", The company has also been accused of inappropriate use of Facebook accounts' user data.

According to the libel laws of the United Kingdom, observers note that it "could well be construed by a judge in a court of law that [an evaluation on the app] has 'lowered [the male Facebook user] in the minds of right thinking members of society'".

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