New nanomaterials for protecting and consolidating stone matches for adults dating

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New nanomaterials for protecting and consolidating stone

Generally, due to their prevalently outdoor location, the historical stone buildings dating to Islamic periods in Egypt are subjected to a complex series of weathering and decay factors, such as fluctuation of temperature/humidity, wind erosion, rainwater, hazardous gases and microbes.

One important application of nano-materials and technologies is in consolidating or retrofitting degraded materials.

Nano Ca CO may possibly facilitate the mobilization of macromolecular chains and improve the ability of matrix polymer to adapt to deformation and hence to increase the ductility and impact strength of composites.

The nanoparticles may also initiate micro-void formations which locally deform the matrix surrounding the particles and initiate mass plastic deformation and, in consequence, increase the toughness and impact energy [31,32].

It has also triggered a huge revolution in electrons, resulting in superior performance in the military field, engineering and water sciences, robotics, biology and medicine, fiber optic communication networks, aerospace technology, advanced materials technology, chemical engineering and precision manufacturing, and is expected to play a major role in social life in the future.

Therefore, this technique has received wide attention from scientists and specialists in universities and research institutions from all over the world [19,20,21].

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This is exploited in cultural heritage conservation, namely in safeguarding quasi-brittle composites and other porous inorganic materials [22,23].

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