Error updating windows ad authentication properties

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Error updating windows ad authentication properties

This is done through the Add Roles and Features tool on the Windows Server under Web Server -.

During modeling, the plugin will assign the correct counter name.

There are multiple ways to configure Windows service monitoring depending on if you want to configure for a single service on a single server, a specific service across all Windows servers, all 'Auto' start services, or somewhere in between.The following thresholds are set by default on the device monitoring template and will trigger an alert if they are reached Events could be collected from the Windows event log using a Win RM subscription.Events collected through this mechanism will be timestamped based on the time they occurred within the Windows event log. To monitor Event Log events you should add to monitoring template with "Windows Event Log" datasource.Note: This query is structured to look for "less than or equal" although we are looking for events "greater than or equal" in severity.This is because the Level is an enumeration where the integer values map to 1 = Critical, 2 = Error, 3 = Warning, etc. The Log Always event level evaluates to 0, which is less than a Warning. And to know more about writing Power Shell conditions, you could read this tutorial To use the xml query from a custom view in Windows Event Viewer, simply copy the xml and paste into the Event Query field of the event data source.

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Note: If monitoring Exchange with a non-administrator user, the user must be a member of the Active Directory group "Exchange View-Only Administrators" for pre-2010 Exchange installations or "View Only Organization Management" for 2010 and later installations. Exchange Zen Pack is installed, Queues(_Total)Mailbox Delivery Queue Length and Averaged Latency will be disabled since the same metrics are collected by Exchange Zen Pack.