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Dating webseit

So the “official” name of this set is actually called…

Hot ‘N’ Cold Chip and Dip set, with the model number HC-9.

I just had to contact the seller to ask for permission to use her photos, and she was kind enough to oblige.

Finally, there’s an answer to the mystery of the “Eyes” mixing bowl set.

The side of the box reads: A beautiful and practical gift. Custom Designed trivet for an elegant buffet warm colors in harmony with today’s interiors. The set includes a 024 round casserole with a matching knobbed glass lid and a warming stand.

The Duchess line also included a juice carafe, a percolator with warming stand, three sizes of glasses, and a sugar/creamer set with holder, all of which are pictured on the box.

As we all know, the “Eyes” bowls (as they have been affectionately called by Pyrex collectors over the years) are only in 401 and 403, are unmarked, but we recognize the classic Pyrex bowl shape so well that we all guessed they had to be Pyrex.

Well, Laura of forgetmenotsonmemorylane found one of the Pyrex holy grails when she came across this set in a box.

I am so curious as to where and how she got the casserole, but I guess we’ll never know.We offer a site that excels for a number of reasons. over 100 questions on topics ranging from leisure activities to politics to the personal domain.You can answer as many or as few of the questions as you like, and include a photograph only if you choose. just an opportunity to network and find Pakistani women and men with similar values, interests, and backgrounds. We are always appreciative of new ideas, questions, or suggestions you may have. Congratulations to the high-bidder of this amazing piece of “Pyrex Holy Grail!” Please take lots of pics so we can live vicariously through you! This is probably old news to those of you who are e Bay regulars, but I came across this completed auction recently and was so happy to see a big Pyrex mystery solved!

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