Dating sex girls in jakarta

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Dating sex girls in jakarta

Note as well the shitty road layout means that often to get somewhere involves driving 2 miles in the wrong direction just to get to a U turn spot. For a capital city, there are surprisingly few ex pat/white dudes kicking about the place say as compared to Manila/Bangkok etc.

I normally would have assumed due to business etc there would be a fair number of caucasian folk but it was pretty rare for me to see ANY during the day.

First off however I have to say this place aesthetically is a bit of a dump.

One big ugly concrete jungle and all you're gonna hear about it how bad the traffic is.

Best place I stayed so far was at the Thamrin Residence (near Thamrin City) which had an excellent pool area w jacuzzi.

Ideally also try and stay within walking distance of one of the big name malls like Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia as from what I could tell they're the only nice places to be and you dont want to be dicking around with cabs/traffic. I found the malls surprisingly plush, Plaza Indonesia especially with some serious big name shops selling expensive gear.

taxis, always get either bluebird or silverbird taxis.

This also translates to some fairly punchy drink prices in the more flashy clubs so be careful as you can spend a lot on a night out. I have not been but apparently the whole place shuts down and all my sources advise me to avoid, those who want to keep the party going all head off to Bali who will have a lot of parties organised especially to cater for this.

And sometimes even getting to B isn't even possible without crossing 6 lanes of traffic then climbing over a wall.

When booking a weekend there always seems to be good options on airbnb even at short notice, just try and stay south/central to be near all the good bars/clubs where you plan to go.

Dragonfly club (see below) seems to have the highest concentration, and there's a fair few, but other clubs generally you still will be (and will feel like) a rare commodity as an expat.

Which of course which you can and will work to your advantage.

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The southern suburb part of the city seemed to be nicer when I was there back at a chicks place however.

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