Azdg dating in ussr

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Azdg dating in ussr

The colour was brightened from a near-burgundy crimson to a light to medium red.That flag remained the national flag of the Soviet Union up until late 1991, when a tri-color was formally adopted by the Russian SFSR.It was ordered with the unusual ratio of 4:1 in proportion and consisted of a red flag with the state coat of arms in the center. This flag was the official flag for four months, and was replaced as the official flag by the more familiar hammer and sickle design during the third session of the CIK of the USSR on 12 November 1923.

The flag continued to be the official national flag until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.The reverse side of the flag is the same as the obverse side (front) of the flag but without the star and hammer and sickle.During the establishment of the Russian SFSR, Vladimir Lenin and his comrades had considered the inclusion of a sword symbol in addition to the hammer and sickle as part of the state seal on which the flag was eventually based. Lenin apparently said "A sword is not our symbol." The first official flag was adopted in December 1922 at the First Congress of Soviets of the USSR.The adopted statute stated that: The final design of the flag was adopted in 1980.The design was kept the same except that the background colour was changed.

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Article 22 of the Agreement states: 'the USSR has a flag, coat of arms and a state seal.' The description of the first flag was given in the 1924 Soviet Constitution, accepted in the second session of the Executive Committee (CIK) of the USSR on 6 July 1923.